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Progetto Arte Poli - techniques


Albano Poli


Extremely refined skills, both technical and artistic, are combined with a profusion of artistic energies that fascinate the observer. Each artisian has within them the unique power to melt the metals, to create the vessels that become the sculpture forms, and the physical strength necessary to free the artwork to become its final masterpiece. The beauty of the finished artistic work, whether it is a sculpture or a relief, is always a collective achievement and a result that Progetto Arte Poli has been able to offer for over thirty years with our atelier.

Clay model

The artistic work is conceived in the mind of the artist who makes a sketch on paper and then begins to work on all the details. The idea takes shape: the art piece is defined in all its details by the artist who creates the model of the sculpture in clay in 1: 1 scale.

The lost wax technique

Bronze artwork is still made today as it was thousands of years ago. The lost wax technique, introduced in the Bronze Age and flourished in the Greek-Roman era, remains unsurpassed today and essentially requires the same processes and phases as in ancient times.

Silicone mouldSilicone mould
Wax modelWax model
Retouching the waxRetouching the wax
Bamboo cane net structureBamboo cane net structure
Form of refractory groundForm of refractory ground
Bronze fusionBronze fusion



Tefang Portman Hotel - Xiamen - China
Bronze floor
ITAS Insurance Company - Trento - Italy
Bronze sculpture
Private villa - Lebanon
Bronze sculpture
Private villa - Ryiadh - Saudi Arabia
Bronze and glass door
Italian Police - Turin - Italy
Bronze sculpture
Tefang Portman Hotel - Xiamen - China
Bronze well
Municipality of Verona - Italy. Bronze portrait of the opera singer Maria Callas
Municipality of Verona - Italy Bronze sculpture depicting Juliet
Coated bronze door
Tefang Portman Hotel - Xiamen - China
Fountain bronze sculptures