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AEGIS vitro - Sneeze glass guards

Protect your space
through art

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Sneeze glass guards

Aegis is a divider screen designed to secure public spaces and work places. Conceived as an artistic piece and made according to the Italian artisan excellence of our studio in Verona, Aegis is a unique accessory of its kind, because it combines art and safety in one object that will become an integral part of interior design.

It is exclusively custom-made, according to the size, shape, color and decorations the client requires. Aegis is a fully customized separator screen, an Italian excellence response to the new current safety needs.

Sneeze glass guards

99.98% transparent


99.98% transparent


99.98% transparent

Public places

Public places

Aegis - The protection of the work space
The protection of the work space


Fully custom-made sneeze glass guards

Fully custom-made

Aegis can be made in any dimension, shape, colour and with unique decorations, even for counters and office desks.
Vetro antiriflesso trasparente al 99,98%

Anti-glare and Transparent

Aegis is made of particular glass with exceptional performance: 99.98% transparent and anti-reflective. In fact, our glass has 20 times less reflectance than ordinary glass or plastic materials.
Barriere in vetro mobili


It can be easily moved to meet different needs making the most of even the smallest spaces.
Pellicola di protenzione antisfondamento


Equipped with an internal toughened safety protection film that guarantees maximum safety.
Barriere parafiato con sistema di illuminazione


Aegis can also be made with lighting system. An additional feature that enhances the characteristics of mouth-blown glass by transforming the object into a real unique lamp.
Schermi parafiato resistenti ai graffi


Sanitizable in an easy way and without the risk of scratching it.
Parafiato in vetro


Being made of glass, Aegis is totally recyclable. For a sustainable and low environmental impact choice.
Aegis - Poliarte

From POLIARTE experience

The result of the union between protection and beauty, thanks to the decennial working experience in the artistic glass sector, Aegis is the new exclusive creation by Master Albano Poli.

Sneeze glass guards

Aegis is made following the artistic glass traditional techniques, such as etching and sandblsting, that allow us to obtain any type of decoration and desired effect.

Vetro soffiato a bocca
Vetro decorato


What sets us apart is our ability to design and create artistic works, following every stage from idea to the final creation in our studio. This allows us to create Aegis as you prefer, with customized dimensions, shape and decorations. You don't have a specific project or idea for your place? Our design department is at your disposal to study the perfect solution for your needs.

Aegis represents the enhancement of our origins because it is the result of the great experience of the 70s, a time period where Poliarte brand conceived artistic lampsthat later became collectors' items. Aegis is the result of our studio excellence and conveys our enthusiasm move on with the creativity and manual skills of the pure Made in Italy tradition.


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