Poli Arte


In the second half of the 1960s, I created Poliarte in order to produce artistic and innovative lamps and introduce them into the furniture design market. I was determined to make unique lamps that could shape light through colours and shadows. These compositions, mainly in metal and glass, were able to transform a simple light bulb into a source of brightness and create an environment made of original shapes and transparencies, an environment capable of interacting with the viewer.

My inspiration, in addition to the influences of art and design in that period, was my life experiences and passions grown in the years that preceded these achievements. Having experienced the difficulties of the post-war period, and found the strength and determination to overcome the harships of such difficult times, I began exploring the uses of cast iron. A material historically used for the production of weapons such as cannons and cannonballs, I used it in contrast to glass, a noble material usually associated with fragility. By turning the glass, thanks to its modularity, into solid and durable material, I could show the closeness and the collaborative possibilities between the two elements that went on to create something new.

The styles and names given to the products lines (Akikaze, Lussac, Nikirka) reflect my love for travelling and observing different cultures. Because of my interest in Japan my designs and materials symbolize the economic boom and the growth of a new society, with works of art made of light that carry an explicit, contemporary message.

No less important was the close collaboration with various Italian and Veronesi corporations in the process of developing lines that used specific materials, original techniques and finishes. These original materials and techniques have characterized production since Poliarte's founding.

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