EXPERIENCE, a bridge between "thinking" and "making"
PASSION, detail that makes the difference



The requests of the client are satisfied thanks to the ideas of the designers who study each masterpiece solving practical problems without forgetting the artistic and aesthetic aspects.


Artistic stained glass windows are made even today using mouth blown glass and according to the traditional technique where the manual ability is still the main requirement. In such a way it is possible to obtain one of a kind and unrepeatable windows.


Skill and patience are the basis to create a mosaic artwork where the small tesseraes are manually cut using the hammer and then positioned one by one to obtain the artwork.


Painting, the art of depicting the world around or the imaginary intuition through lines and colours is the most ancient art expression but it is at the same time contemporary and innovative.


Making a bronze sculpture requires a long process: perfection and attention to details are necessary in each step from the preparing of the clay model to the finishing of the bronze.


Experience and art allow to mould the stone as if it was a plastic element and to wisely remove the excess in order to obtain the artwork.


This millennial technique that is likely to disappear today, is preserved inside the atelier where the artisan blacksmith with the traditional furnace guarantees that the work is not the result of just a mere mechanical transformation but of a soul that is flowing into the work itself.


The equipped and specialized mechanical workshop inside the atelier allows to complete the artworks with the most suitable supporting structures. In many cases these structures are themselves high value works due to the complexity in designing and making them.


Thanks to the knowledge of art history and the artistic-artisan ability the atelier restores windows, paintings, wooden works and also architectures following every phase from design to site building and commissioning; a remarkable added value that the company confirmed when obtaining the certification S.O.A. in the categories OS2, OG2, OS6.