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More than 50 years of creativity

Progetto Arte Poli was founded in 1953 by Albano Poli, who completed his studies at the Art Institute of Verona. Albano Poli began to restore and create stained glass in a small art-shop in a prestigious historical building in downtown Verona. That shop has now become a large 64,500 ft2 (6.000 mq) workshop with a staff of 60 professionals including designers, artists, architects and technicians who design and create unique works of art coordinated by Maestro Albano Poli.


Made in Italy

The continuous research of the artist and his staff of the way to better express their creativity has led to include the production of mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, wrought iron art works and other artistic works, complementing the glass process. Progetto Arte Poli can then be defined as a workshop inspired by the ancient tradition of the Italian Renaissance where the artist skillfully moves between the different expressions of art, designing and creating works that retain, in all its details, the preciousness and precision of ancient techniques, bringing with him the breath of an invention that is characterized by typical contemporary methods of modern abstraction.



Albano Poli was born in Verona on August 2nd, 1935. He attended the Napoleone Nani school of fine arts in Verona, managed by Master Pino Casarini, who suggested him to work in the stained glass window sector. Albano Poli started his long career in a small art workshop in the city centre of Verona. At the beginning he was in charge of restoring and reproducing stained glass windows of various Churches, however, over the years, he decided to make use of his manual skills and his creativity to design stained glass windows with his own personal style. These artistic works are always new and unique as well as appreciated by a broad public due to the preciousness of the materials employed, the precision of the technique used and their abstract shapes: he does not focus just on well-defined shapes, but on chromatic compositions and allusions, which are used to pass a precise message, since they are harmoniously inserted in the surrounding environment.

Being Master Poli a particularly creative person, he was soon surrounded by many professionals and artisans. In 1953 he founded the artistic atelier where nowadays he experiments all kinds of painting, sculpturing and decorative techniques. The atelier is an authentic Renaissance-style workshop where the artist’s perfectionist soul comes to light. Each piece – stained glass windows, mosaics, frescoes, renewal projects, bas-relief and in the round statues – is a one of a kind and precious artwork.